Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break!

Since it is spring break in Atlanta we will be hitting the road for some fun in the sun. We are going to make a quick stop in the Magic Kingdom and then on to the beach. This will be the boys first trip to Disney and they couldn’t be more excited. Since it was sort of a last minute thing, we are only staying for two nights, but I am sure that will be plenty! Then off to the beach to meet some friends.

So while we are gone, the blog will probably not get updated much if any. I hate to not update you on the Thrasher’s push for the playoffs, the QB battle up in Athens, how bad my NCAA bracket ended up and of course the Tiger Woods circus and the rest of the Masters field playing in Augusta. But who knows, maybe something will happen and I will just have to log in and let me opinion known! When I get back, I will share some stories of the boys at Mickey’s house and of course some pictures from the beach and the wonderful world of Disney!

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