Monday, April 12, 2010

Masters 2010

What a great four days of golf! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch most of it. Due to being out of town and on the beach for the first two rounds and then driving back home on Saturday (the drive was brutal, but that is for another post), I wasn’t able to watch as much as I would have liked. I did stay updated by following the leader board on my phone and listening to the coverage on XM radio. It was just as exciting seeing the leader board change and listening to the commentary on the radio. The big names came to play and it was just what the PGA needed to get back to the forefront of sports fans minds. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Tiger was in the field and playing well. I was glad to see that Tiger was treated with respect and not heckled. But I am also happy he didn’t win and that my boy Phil did!

Augusta National is a course that suits Phil Michelson perfectly. If you follow golf, you know that Phil can sometimes get wild with his driver but is as good as they come close to the green. So Phil is able to recover from an errant drive on this course and his touch around the greens gives him a big advantage. The course allows Phil to be as aggressive and he likes and everyone knows he likes to take chances. Phil played great all week as did Lee Westwood. As those two were paired together in the last group, I knew Sunday would shape up to be a great round of golf and they didn’t disappoint. Even though Phil seemingly had the championship wrapped up going into the last few holes, he was in a tough battle earlier in the day going back and forth with Westwood while holding off charges by Anthony Kim, Fred Couples, K.J. Choi and Tiger. But Phil held on to his lead and won by three strokes giving him his third Green Jacket.

Being a lefty like Phil, I can relate to his game. I wish my swing and results were more like his, but if that was the case, I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now! But I can relate to Phil in ways outside of golf as well. No, I am not talking about his body type! I am talking about his wife going through her fight with breast cancer. I know how tough his past year has been since his wife and mother were both diagnosed with breast cancer. I know how mentally exhausting it can be as well as physically exhausting taking care of the kids. To have Phil come to Augusta and win proves that sports are the best reality show on TV. The plot couldn’t have been written better in Hollywood!

Phil had not been playing well all season and with all of the hype surrounding Tiger, this week was more about tabloid stories than golf. But the tournament finished the way it should have! Don’t get me wrong, I was glad to see Tiger back in the field, but he didn’t deserve to win. I am not saying that Phil deserved to win either, I am sure every golfer on tour has some sort of personal/family issue they are dealing with. I just feel like this Masters couldn’t have ended any better. I wouldn’t have been upset if Westwood or Kim or Couples had won in the end, I am just saying that due to the circumstances, the tournament couldn't have ended more perfectly with Phil putting on the Green Jacket.

Nice work Phil!

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