Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thrashsers are hanging in there!

The race for the playoffs couldn’t is really heating up, espically in the ATL! Just when you think the Thrashers are out of it, they jump right back in the race. With a big win last night over Toronto 3-2, the Thrashers are hanging the NHL playoff race. They are currently sitting in 9th place in the standings only two points out of the last playoff spot and 4 points behind the 7th and 6th ranked teams.

So if we could just put a little winning streak together in the remaining 5 games, we are in! The problem is all of the remaining games are against teams that are already in the playoffs. We play the League leading Washington Capitals twice, the second place team in the conference and defending Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penguins twice and the NJ Devils who are 4th in the conference and have former Thrasher’s star Illya Kovalchuk once. I don’t think the schedule could be any tougher for the ice birds, but I still have faith. Boston and Philly both have tough schedules as well and could easily drop 2 or 3 games. I think if the Thrashers win 3 out of the last 5, they will have a chance. Of course they will need some help and Boston, Philly, and/or Montreal need to drop a few games. This is not an impossible feat for the Thrashers to accomplish, but they will need to play their best hockey and continue to fight until the last game. Does it get any more exciting!

Go Thrashers!

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