Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Westminster Kennel Club Champion!

In between watching all of the Olympic coverage (can you believe that Lindsey Jacobellis didn’t even medal this year in Snowboard Cross!) I was able to squeeze in some time watching some of the most famous dog show in the world. The prestigious Westminster Kennel Club championship! This years Best in Show, which is the top honor of the event, was given to a four year old Scottish terrier by the name of Sadie. She was the dog to beat going into the competition according to odds makers and the experts. She didn’t let them down! She beat out 2,500 entrants representing 173 breeds and varieties.
I guess Sadie is a beautiful dog, but my personal favorites were all from the sporting group. With my unofficial Best in Show going to The Pumpkin King, he is a clumber spaniel! Meg and I have loved these dogs for years and always say that if we ever get a dog, it will be a clumber. Just take a look at them, aren’t they adorable!

Maybe one day!

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