Thursday, February 18, 2010

Historic Day for the US!

What a day Wednesday was for the US Olympic Team. They got three golds, one silver and two bronze medals. The most ever in one day for the US Team. It was all very exciting and impressive. Lindsey Vohn showed such great courage and strength in her gold in the downhill. Shani Davis proved that hard work and determination really do pay off with his gold in the 1,000 meters speed skating. Then Shaun White is just absolutely incredible! What he did was really amazing! He won the gold with his first run and could have just cruised down the hill with a victory lap on his last run, but still pulled out the most amazing trick in the history of snowboarding! The Flying Tomato is single handling changing the sport with unthinkable tricks. Last night was really fun to watch and we are leading the medal count again! I hope the USA can keep the amazing moments coming!


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