Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slimy Snake!

Well, I can’t say I am surprised to hear the news the Lane Kiffin has left the University of Tennessee after only one year to go and be the head coach at USC. Kiffin was a time bomb waiting to go off and unfortunately the people he hurt the most are the Tennessee players, recruits and fans. Being a Georgia fan, I can’t help but chuckle about it. But I have to say that they brought all of this on themselves. They knew what Kiffin’s track record was and that he probably shouldn’t have been trusted. He used the university in the worst way possible and made them look foolish.

Not only is the head coach leaving, he is taking with him two top assistants and there might be more to follow. But the bad thing about it, it sounds like there might have been some dirty pool going on with some of the recruits. Apparently Ed Orgeron was calling some of the Tenn commitments on Tuesday night before the announcement was made that Kiffin was leaving. He was trying to talk them into going out to USC now. That is a little underhanded if you ask me! But Kiffin seems to be fine playing dirty. Look at all of the violations he racked up in one year in Knoxville. I guess it suits him fine to take over a program out in California that will also have some sanctions brought on them soon as well. That is probably a big reason why Pete Carroll left USC! Kiffin is one classy guy!

The students up in Knoxville were non-to happy to hear the news last night. According to reports, students were burning mattresses and trash outside of the athletic department building and had signs expressing their displeasure. I don’t blame them! Kiffin is a snake and never seemed to understand the way of SEC football. I just hate that he keeps getting a raise! This is his 3rd job in less than two years and each time he gets paid more. I am not sure how that happens? But I will say, I won’t miss him or his disrespectful attitude. I will say to the Tennessee fans out there, you might not like it now, but I feel you will be better off without him in the future. He is a complete snake and a ticking time bomb that would have eventually brought down the entire program.

But don’t go burning your Lane Kiffin Vols T-shirts; you can send them to Haiti! The Knoxville apparel store, Hound Dogs, is offering a 20% discount on the purchase of a new Vols shirt if you turn in the Lane Kiffin inspired “It’s Time” T-shirt. They will collect them and send them down to Haiti where they are recovering from a massive earthquake.

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