Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Top Chef Finale tonight!

On Wednesday night at 10pm on Bravo, the season finale of "Top Chef" will air. It has come down to Kevin Gillespie and the Voltaggio brothers, Michael and Bryan. Kevin, who is a local Atlanta boy, has done extremely well this season and has won five elimination challenges and 4 quickfire challenges. But so did Richard Blais a couple of seasons ago and he choked in the finale! I hope that Kevin doesn’t pull a Blais on tonight’s show! Both Michael and Bryan are excellent chefs as well. Michael won 3 elimination challenges and 2 quickfire challenges, while Bryan won 4 elimination challenges but no quickfires this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if either of the brothers Voltaggio won it all, but I am definitely pulling for Kevin.

That being said, it all comes down to one meal! It is going to be interesting to see what the challenge is tonight and which chef can pull out the better meal. I am sure it will be a multi course meal that will require some creativity and flawless execution. I would give the creativity edge to the Voltaggio brothers but the execution edge goes to Kevin. Not that Kevin isn’t very creative, he just tends to cook simpler dishes to perfection and that has proven to be positive in the eyes of the judges.

This season has been a very entertaining season and I feel that this year’s cast has been the most talented overall, especially the top five finalist. Also, this cast by far had the most tattoos of any previous cast! This group had a lot of ink! I am looking forward to the show tonight and in case you were wondering, Vegas odds have Kevin at 6 to 5 to win it all with Michael at 2 to 1 and Bryan at 4 to 1. Checking in with the online fan polls, Kevin getting by 50%-60% of the votes and Bryan and Michael are about equal getting 20%-25%. Best of luck to all of the chefs!

Also, maybe we will find out whose Padma’s baby daddy? But I doubt it!

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