Monday, November 16, 2009

I was robbed!

No, not my house or even my car! (Actually my car was broken into about three weeks ago and they did get all kinds of important papers and account numbers, but that is for another post) I was robbed from being the best local blogger! Apparently the local newspaper ran a contest to see whom the best local blogger was, and you guessed it, is not me! I actually didn’t even know about it until I saw the results today. I guess the saying is true, “You got to be in it to win it!” Here is the list of the top five fan votes along with The Access Atlanta picks for their top five. Maybe next year I will be more aware and submit my site for consideration, but I will probably forget about it and miss my chance again!

1) Charm Home
You say, “Atlanta interior designer Cristi Holcombe has a come up with a terrific blog. It gives you great ideas – both small and large. Really, from just sprucing up an area, to ideas/concepts for an entire house.”
2) The Broke Socialite
3) High Gloss Blue
4) You Are What You Eat…or Reheat
5) The Blissful Glutton

1) Running With Tweezers
We say, “This might be subtitled ‘tales from the frontlines of food,’ but food stylist Tami Hardeman’s blog has more heart, soul and personality than your average food blog.”
2) The Broke Socialite
3) The Coupon Diva
4) Eat It, Atlanta

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