Thursday, November 12, 2009

Horrible Sportsmanship!

I am all for good, clean, tough competition. I know that sometimes in the heat of a game a player’s emotions get high and they might cross the line of good sportsmanship. But there seems to be a trend lately of players not just crossing the line, but crossing the line and going miles past it. Probably the most notable was the play by Brandon Spikes of the Florida Gators trying to blind Washaun Ealey of Georgia a couple of weeks ago. But what he did was tame compared to what this female soccer player did in a game. Let me set the scene, the New Mexico girls soccer team is playing BYU in the semifinals of the Mountain West Conference tournament. Now take a look at this video and see if this girl can even see the line between tough play and poor sportsmanship. She is miles and miles past the line!

The player, Elizabeth Lambert, has been indefinitely suspended from the team. As she should!

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