Monday, November 30, 2009


What a game! Dawgs win 30-24!

The state championship of Georgia is back in the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs! On a beautiful night in downtown Atlanta, the Dawgs played the Yellow Jackets in a very entertaining and intense game. The Dawgs played their best all around game of the year and it couldn’t have come at a better time. This has been a disappointing year for the Dawgs and one win doesn’t offset all of the others, but this one win does feel pretty good! The win will help land the Dawgs a better bowl game and could have saved a job or two for some of the Bulldog assistant coaches, but that is still to be determined.

The Dawgs gave Tech some of their own medicine by running the ball for over 340 yards. Freshman Washun Ealey and red shirt sophomore Caleb King carried the load for the Dawgs, Ealey carrying 20 times for 183 and King 18 times for 166 yards. The offensive line also played incredibly and opened up some huge holes for these guys to run through. This is the game I was waiting to see out of Georgia all year. Obviously, I wish this game would have come sooner, but it does give a good glimpse into the future. Other factors that contributed to the win were the lack of dumb penalties and the ability to hold on to the football. We didn’t give Tech a short field and that makes a huge difference!

I don’t know if the defense did enough to save Defensive Coordinator Willie Martinez’s job, but they did play a hell of a game on Saturday. They were able to maintain the triple option and didn’t give up many big plays. That is what failed them last year. It was an all around good game and as a Georgia fan; I am thrilled with the outcome. Now if they can just continue this play through the bowl game and finish out the season on a high note, it will be an easier off season. Now we sit back and see which bowl game we will be invited to. At least we know we probably won’t be going to Shreveport!

Here is a shot of the team celebrating with the band and the fans. If you look closely, you can see a good friend of mine, Mr. Hackett, in the lower right corner. He is the fired up fan with the red visor on in the second row!

Go Dawgs!

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