Friday, September 25, 2009

Wine Review – 2008 Domados Wines Rosillo Rosé de Malbec

I have had many rosés but this was my first rosé de malbec. I will say it was a little heavier than most rosés but it was still very crisp and refreshing. Domados Wines is located in Mendoza at the foot of the Andes Mts. They produce high quality wines especially their malbecs and Cabernet Sauvignons. Their rosé de malbec is a deep dark pink color, it is a much more dense pink then most rosés. It has aromas of dark red fruits like cheery and strawberry. In the mouth, there is a crisp, refreshing feeling with tastes of cherry, melon and a little spice. The finish is quick, but makes you long for another sip. Perfect for the lingering warm evenings. We drank this with a slightly spicy Mexican chicken and rice dish and it paired perfectly. It is light but just heavy enough to go with some heavier foods like sausage or beef. It would go ideally with something that had a little spice to it! I got this bottle for $16 and it was well worth it!


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