Monday, September 28, 2009

Phil and Tiger both win!

Well the last tournament of the regular PGA season concluded on Sunday and it still has some people scratching their heads. Phil Mickelson played a bogey free round to finish at 9 under and was able to hold off Tiger and the rest of the field. But Phil wasn’t the big winner for the day. Phil won the battle but Tiger won the war, meaning that Mickelson had won the Tour Championship, but Tiger had won the Fed-Ex Cup, and the loot. Since Phil didn’t play well in the first three playoff tournaments, he was to far back to really challenge for the Fed-EX Cup. With the win, he did finish 2nd in the Fex-Ex standings behind Tiger. There were all sorts of scenarios flying around the course on Sunday but in the end, Tiger played well enough to win the cup and the big pay out! For wining the cup, Tiger got a cool 10 million dollars! Add that to the 1.3 million he won for placing 2nd in the tournament, I would say he had a pretty good weekend. For wining the tournament, Phil received a payout of 1.5 million dollars and for coming in second in the Fed-Ex standings he received 3 million. I don’t really feel bad for Phil in this case!

After Phil’s round on Thursday, I had counted him out. He did get a quadruple bogey on a hole and shot 3-over for the day. But he came back strong the other three days. Mickelson shot a 5-under 65 on Sunday, following the 66 he shot on Saturday and the 67 on Friday. That is pretty impressive. Also, throw in that he made the trip to Athens on Saturday night to see his Arizona St. Sun Devils lose to the mighty Dawgs in the torrential rains and that makes his finial round even more incredible. I am very happy for Phil, he has had a tough year personally with his wife and mother both being diagnosed with breast cancer. That is a good way for them to finish out the PGA season and now he will have some confidence going into the Presidents Cup matches in a couple weeks.

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