Friday, September 4, 2009

The day is upon us!

I have been waiting for over 8 months to write this post and the day has finally come! Tomorrow is the kickoff to the 2009 University of Georgia Bulldogs football season. The 13th ranked Dawgs play the 9th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys in Stillwater, Ok. This is going to be a great game and a not traditional opening game for both schools. It is pretty rare to have two ranked teams face off in the first game of the season. For Georgia, this is just the start of one of the toughest schedules in the country. It blows away the schedules of most of the teams ranked ahead of the Dawgs. Especially the #1 ranked Gators! Are you kidding me?

Anyway, this season opens with a lot of questions and holes to fill. Of course having to replace the number one overall pick in the NFL draft, Matthew Stafford and the number twelve pick in Knowshon Moreno is not going to be an easy task. But I am confident that Joe Cox will be a solid player at QB. Then you have Richard Samuels at running back along with some very talented backups who should do more than fill Knowshon’s shoes. But I think the biggest difference in the team from last year is going to be the offensive line. These guys are studs and I would stack them up against any other O line in the SEC. They should provide good protection for Cox and open up some big holes for Samuels all season.

I think our defense is going to be good, not great, but good. There are questions at defensive end and in the secondary, but our linebackers are strong. I predict that Rennie Curran is going to have over 12 tackles a game and will be all over the field! Another issue that I feel will be improved is the amount of penalties. The Dawgs were at the top of the list last year for penalties and often time that would kill a drive for us or extend one for the opponent. Coach Richt will not allow that to happen again!

The game has huge implications for both teams. This is by far the biggest game in OSU history and could push them into the national spotlight if they win it. They have been building towards this game for years; they even upgraded their stadium. Speaking of the stadium, it might still have that new stadium smell to it, but it still only holds 60,200 people. There is only one stadium in the SEC that holds less than that, and that is Vandy. Anyway, it is a huge game for Georgia as well, but a lot of people consider this a rebuilding year for the Dawgs so a win would prove that we are still a force in the SEC. All I know is this is going to be a battle and I feel good about the team we are running out on the field. We currently don’t the playmakers they have like their QB, running back, and receiver, but our guys are better as a whole. We do have some guys with potential to be bigger than their three in AJ Green, Richard Samuels and Orson Charles, but that is yet to be determined. Also, I have faith that Coach Richt will have them prepared; after all he is 30-4 on the road since he came to Athens.

I am nervous, excited, anxious and a little scared about the game, but I am glad the day is here! I do have a good feeling about the game and I am feeling that our defense is going to step it up and not allow the Cowboys to put up a big number. I also have a good feeling that our running game is just going to wear down the Cowboys and then a big strike down field to AJ Green is going to pay off big. In addition, look for a solid game out of true freshman TE Orson Charles, that guy is a beast! Dawnation the time is upon us!

Go Dawgs!


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Dawgs obviously SUCK! As usual.

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Feelings misplaced, Alan. Season over.

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Not connected with earlier comments, but gotta say something. UGA is a huge is sad that all the marbles rest on the football team. 1 national championship in their entire was 30years ago. Other schools shine...just look at Ga Tech!

Alan said...

Anonymous, thanks for the comments but keep your jealousy out of this blog. Also, you need to do your homework before making a comment like that last one. UGA is so much more than just a football school! Georgia has 37 team National Championships and 205 individual National Champions and they are always in the hunt for the Sears Directors Cup which goes to the best overall collegiate institution of the year. Unlike Ga Tech who rarely breaks the top 50 in the standings for the Sears Cup. Football is the highest profile sport but not the only sport where they compete at the highest level. Have you ever heard of the Gym Dawgs? They have 9 National Championships alone!