Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beach Photos

I finally got the pictures loaded from our recent beach trip. Looking back at them, I wish I was still there! The picture above was taken at low tide one day, the water was so refreshing!

Here are the cool kids taking a break from the sun and hanging on the patio.

Here is Henry on one of his short visits to the beach, he much preferred the pool.
Here is Mac with a sparkler.
Here is Henry working on his surfing technique.

Here is baby Natalie in her crab and notice Henry in the back doing some pool surfing!
The two youngest members of the family are forming a close bond already!

Here is Katie in a big hole!
Here is the start of the sand castle creation.
Here is Mac inspecting the finished castle.

Here are all of the kids at my favorite local seafood place called JB's Fishcamp!

And lastly, here is my little family also at JB's.

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kelly said...

So cute!! looks like everyone had a great time.