Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tee box with a view

Now this was an elevated tee. It sat Monday on the roof of the Omni San Diego Hotel, 34 floors – 340 feet or thereabouts – above L Street, 268 yards to a flag stabbed into Petco Park's right field turf and surrounded by a large bull's-eye. That was a tough hole to judge, but maybe the most picturesque in the history of golf.PGA tour pro Briny Baird hit 8 out of 10 shots within the target to earn $25,000 dollars for charity. P.F. Chang's sponsored the event, the proceeds going to the San Diego Navy/ Marine Corps Relief Society. Here's how it worked. If Baird hit the center of the bull's-eye with any of his 10 tries, Americans were to receive a free chicken lettuce wrap (with entree order) and the society would receive the cash. The inner ring meant $1,000 per ball, the outer ring $500 per ball. Baird was warming up with a 5 iron and the GM for the San Diego Padres mentioned that club would put him over the stadium in to some condos. So Baird changed his club to a 9 iron and was able to hit 8 out of 10 balls in the target. Glad to see he could take advice from someone other than his caddie.

The shots off the roof took about 15 seconds to land and were near impossible to see from the roof, but the grounds crew would notify the rooftop with the location. Baird stated those were the longest 9 iron shots he has ever hit. Well, I would think so!

Nice shots Briny!

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