Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Neighbors

We live in a transitional neighborhood and there are a lot of old houses being torn down to have new houses built in their place. We had one of the first new houses on our street built and there are still more going in. So we are getting new neighbors all the time. But our newest neighbors live a lot closer than any of the new houses. This family lives literally right outside our window. They are a family of blue birds and they live in this pimped out birdhouse that Meg bought back in 1998 at a folk art festival. We refer to the birdhouse as the Gucci house since it is so flashy on the outside. Maybe that is what attracted the birds in the first place? Anyway, there are now baby birds living in the house and we love to sit and watch the mommy and daddy birds take turns bringing back food for the little ones. I am not sure how many baby birds are in there, but is sounds like a lot. They get really loud when the parents bring back food for them. We have seen the parents for a few weeks now, but the babies are relatively new, they can’t be more than two weeks old. I can’t wait to start to see them sticking their heads out of the hole and eventually come out of the house. I know they won’t be there for long, but it is still cool to have some new neighbors.
Here are some shots of the parents feeding the little ones!

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