Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving on!

This week was our oldest son Mac had his last day of pre-school, so summer has officially begun for my boys. Mac's pre-school didn't have a formal graduation ceremony like some schools, but they did have a "Moving On Ceremony". He was given an award for being the most cheerful child in class since he often breaks into song at any given time. He gets that from me! Also, he always has a smile on his face that just warms the heart, he gets that from his mom! I can't believe that he has gotten so big!

Here is a picture of him getting his award. (Sorry the picture is not great, the lighting was hard to deal with and our camera sucks!)

Also, the class did several songs for everyone in the audience. Here is a clip of a couple of those songs. I really like the third song! Very cute! (Again, sorry the picture isn't the best! But Mac is on the far right of the first row.)

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Kim said...

Congrats Mac on Movin' on up!