Friday, April 3, 2009

Wine Review – 2007 Paraiso Pinot Noir

Paraiso Winery has been around for 35 years and was one of the first vineyards in Monterey County. The same family has run this winery since it’s inception and they have always been innovators. Now they are among the first to be “Certified Sustainable by CCVT (Central Cost Vineyard Team) for their strict adherence to conscientious winegrowing standards. I have had a couple of their varietals and they all have been delicious, but my favorite was the Pinot Noir. The 07 vintage is a classic Burgundy style pinot. It has aromas of deep dark fruit and hints of herbs and some earthiness. On the palate, there are tastes of dark cherry and plum, hints of spice and smokiness. It has a nice smooth finish and makes you long for the next sip. We had it will some grilled salmon and it paired perfectly. I think it would go well with many foods including chicken, other types of fish and a pork tenderloin. This bottle retails for about $25 and is worth every penny!


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kristi said...

That sounds great, jeff and i need a date night so i may check that one out!