Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Henry!

On this day two years ago, little Henry Flynn was born and our lives were changed for the better. It is amazing to think that he is only two, since he does most everything his brother does, people (including myself) tend to think he is older than he really is. Henry truly is an angel, not just because he is a sweet, loving child, but if it weren’t for him, Meg probably wouldn’t have caught her breast cancer as soon as she did. Then who knows what would have happened? So we are very thankful to have the little guy in our lives. I just can’t believe that my little man is 2! Here he is with his big brother!

Here he is inside the jumpy castle, he loved that thing!


kristi said...

Happy Birthday, Henry!

Kim said...

Hope you had a great day Henry! Reese enjoyed your bday party!