Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th/Peachtree Rd. Race

Wow, the summer is flying by! It is already the Independence Day and that means heat, fireworks and the Peachtree Rd. Race. This will be my 13th straight race and I am dreading it! I some how got a number in the “B” wave which is way faster than I am running right now. I am currently running on a bad knee which is actually my good knee. I have had ACL surgery twice on my left knee but it is feeling fine while my right knee is the one that is bothering me. I fear that I have torn the MCL in that knee doing an “Insane” workout. Since I am a male, I have not gone to the doctor yet so I am not certain that is my problem but from my self diagnoses, I have a torn MCL. I will get it checked out after the race! Again, Meg is also running and she is in the “F” wave, while her dad and sister are further back in the pack. All I know is it going to be hot and probably painful!

If you are running, good luck and stay hydrated.

For the smart ones not running, enjoy your 4th and hopefully you can find a pool, lake or other body of water to cool off in!

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kelly said...

hope you had a good race and a great holiday!