Friday, June 22, 2012

Father’s day/Wine Review

First off, I know I am late, but happy Father’s day to all of the Fathers (especially mine) out there or the soon to be Fathers. I hope you all had as nice of a day as I did! My day started with breakfast in bed delivered by my wonderful wife and two amazing boys. What was even better was the whole family had breakfast in bed that day with me. That is a great way to start the day! After that I was allowed to watch all of the morning/afternoon US Open golf coverage. I was in heaven!

Later that day we went to some friends house in the neighborhood to watch the golf tournament, allow the kids to play and then eventually have dinner. Meg had prepared a great meal and took it over to our friend’s house to be cooked there. She prepared a molasses and soy flank steak with watermelon and nectarine salsa, fresh corn on the cobb with jalapeno lime butter, and a broccoli slaw with and homemade candied pecans. Then for dessert, a chocolate, peanut butter and banana pie. It was all wonderful and the flavors completely complimented each other and the wine.

Speaking of the wine, our friend Mike and Kelley served a beautiful wine to go with this special meal. On Mike’s first father’s day, his father-in-law gave him a bottle of 2003 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon. That was 7 years ago. This father’s day was the first one with his new daughter and he felt like that was a great time to open the Caymus he received for his first father’s day with his son. It was a special treat and thank you Mike for sharing it with us. It was the icing on top of the cake that was a wonderful father’s day. After the incredibly delicious diner, we all watched the finish of the exciting US Open. In my eyes, it was one of the best father’s day ever!

Wine Review: 2003 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon

Mike decanted this bottle about 20-30 minutes before sitting down to dinner and it allowed it to open up nicely. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful dark garnet color in the decanter. In the glass there were nice edges and it had long legs. It has aromas of dark cherry and leather with some floral hints that became stronger the more it opened up. It had a nice mouth feel with soft tannins and tastes of dark fruit, spice and oak with a nice smooth finish and a touch of chocolate in the aftertaste. It paired perfectly with the grilled steak and watermelon salsa. It was even more delicious with the chocolate peanut butter pie! It upholds the standard that Caymus has become known for and another great reason to love Napa wines.   

This is the second time Mike and Kelley have shared a special gem with us and we couldn’t be more grateful! It truly is a wonderful wine and we enjoyed every last drop!


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