Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OBX recap!

We recently made a trip to the Outer Banks and a good time was had by all! We went with most of Meg’s family (her brother couldn’t make it this year) and rented a huge house on Roanoke Island. The house wasn’t on the beach but it was on the water and the views of the sunsets were amazing!

This was our first time to that area of the Atlantic Ocean and it was really cool! It is a fisherman’s paradise and there are plenty of outdoor and water activities to keep you busy. The beach was beautiful and the water was nice. One day it was so calm and the water was so clear that you could see shells as far as 20 feet deep. Apparently that is not common for that area as the other days the waves were very rough but perfect for boogie boarding and surfing!

There were so many things to do that we didn’t spend that much time on the beach. We were going to aquariums, museums, visiting small historic towns, huge sand dunes, and of course, all of the kid’s favorite place….. Kitty Hawk Kites! There was a lot of history in that area and I think we all learned a great deal. The best thing for the kids at all of these historic sites was the gift shops! I think Mac and Henry walked out of each gift shop with something they just couldn't live without!

Here are a few of our many pictures from the week:

Here is the view of the back of the house from the pier
Here are the boys riding their bikes in the neighborhood!

Here are Mac and Henry enjoying the hot tub!

Meg with some of the kids in the pool

Mac coming out from playing in the Atlantic.

Henry preferred to hang out on the beach for most of the day.
A nice view of the ocean on the calm and clear day!

Here is one of the many lighthouses in the area
Jockey's Ridge sand dune, it was huge!

Henry is enjoying one of the many hammocks at Nags Head Hammocks!

Mac doing the same thing!

Olivia, Mac, Henry and Katie outside of the North Carolina Aquarium.

Katie, Henry and Mac with an amphibious friend at the aquarium

Here is Henry, Natalie, Nana, Emma and Leigh Ann checking out the stingrays and small sharks.

Here are the kids walking up to the Wright Brothers Monument

Here is the town of Kitty Hawk from the top of the Wright Brothers monument.
Here is the actual Wright Brothers Monument.

The Roberds family at the intermission of the "Lost Colony" play.

Here is one of the amazing sunsets from our back deck.

Here are some of us crabbing on the dock.

Here is another amazing sunset!

Overall it was a great trip and every one had a good time. It was another great adventure for us and the boys. It was a fun trip to the North Carolina coast and good quality time with Meg’s side of the family.

Now it is time to focus on getting back to school!

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kelly said...

Sounds like a great trip! Love the pics!