Monday, July 18, 2011

Heartbreak for the US Women!

I can’t believe the finals of the Women’s World Cup yesterday. Team USA fell to Japan on penalty kicks. The US Women were dominating the game and seemingly had shot after quality shot in the first half. I just don’t understand how one or several of those shots didn’t go in the back of the net. The looks were excellent but they just couldn’t finish it! That would come back to haunt them. They did get on the scoreboard first only to end regulation time tied at 1 each. Then in extra time, the team leader, Abby Wambach, placed a beautiful header in the back of the net and at that time I thought it was over. Only to have my hopes crushed by a late minute corner kick that was deflected in. I can’t say it was luck since it was the player that was given the Golden Ball (Best Player in the World Cup Tournament) who tied up the game with just 3 minutes left.

Here is Abby Wambach with another great header!

The game went to penalty kicks and I was confident in the girls ability to make there shots and that goalie Hope Solo would stop at least one or two. Only the momentum had shifted to Japan and once our first attempt was blocked, I knew it was over. Hope did stop a shot, but their goalie stopped another and one of the shots went over the goal. I know the US team was devastated as was much of the country but they also understand Japan must have been the team of destiny after all they have gone through in the last few months. At the time of the game, I wasn’t thinking about that, but in retrospect, Japan needed the win more.

The US women showed great talent, poise and determination throughout the entire world cup and deserved to win. Only when it was all over, Japan scored when they had to and are now holding the cup. The US team has nothing to be ashamed of and should be very proud of their efforts. Hope Solo was given the Golden Glove (Best Goalie) and Bronze Ball (Third best player in the tournament), while Abby Wambach was given the Silver Ball (Second best player in the tournament) and set the record for the most goals in US World Cup history with 13.

It was still a great game and I am proud of the US Women. There is always London in 2012!

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