Friday, February 18, 2011

Panic in the General Assembly!

Yeah, there was Panic in the Georgia State Assembly this week. Not like the kind they are having up in Wisconsin but a planned panic and it was Widespread! The Georgia Assembly has a long tradition of honoring musicians from the state and on Tuesday, they honored Widespread Panic. The day after a smoking hot show at the Fox, the band appeared at the Georgia House of Representatives and was honored by members of the House and the Senate for their 25th Anniversary of the band. The State Assembly put forth resolutions to be passed in honor of the boys for their music, service, charity and longevity.

Here is JB, Todd and Sonny addressing the House

Pretty cool for some crazy kids from Athens!

Their spring tour kicks off soon with a performance for South by Southwest and it will be taped for Austin City Limits which will air later this year. Also, the spring tour will include several festivals (Wanee, Hangout (see you there), Summer Camp and Bonnaroo)! It is going to be a great tour!

Rock on!

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