Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thrash has been caged!

Excited by the overwhelming on-ice success of the Thrashers but frustrated that the team isn't getting the attention he feels they deserve, Thrash took matters into his own hands and attempted to drive a Zamboni from the team's practice facility in Duluth, GA to Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta. His hope was to draw attention to the team by driving a Zamboni along 25 miles of interstate. Instead he only managed to get the attention of the Gwinnett County police.

Thrash has already been put through the legal process at the Gwinnett County Courthouse and the judge has ruled that the Thrashers must sell an additional 5,000 tickets to the remaining December home games in order for Thrash to be released from jail. The hope is that the Thrashers can get the feathered mascot out of jail in time for him to resume his duties as soon as possible, especially for Saturday's match-up against New Jersey and former Thrashers Ilya Kovalchuk and Johan Hedberg.

To see the coverage of the incident please click here!

There Thrashers have been playing well and currently are tied for 2nd in the division and tied for 6th in the conference. They play again on Thursday down at Philips against the Carolina Hurricanes and win will move them into a tie for first with the Washington Capitals. The Ice Birds are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and need more support than they are getting. It is time for the city to get behind this team! So get your tickets now for some tough games coming up.

Go Thrashers!

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