Friday, December 3, 2010

Elf on the Shelf

What a wonderful tradition we have going on in our house right now. If you have young kids this is a must around Christmas time! We got our elf from a friend a couple of years ago and now he has become part of our family and the boys get so excited once he arrives. These scout elves are the eyes and ears for Santa. Our elf is named Buddy and you would not believe the magic he possesses! Not only does he have the ability to fly to the North Pole every night after the boys go to sleep and give reports back to Santa, but just having him in the house makes the boys behave much better. If there is a slip in their behavior, all we have to say is “Buddy is watching you and he will report this behavior back to Santa tonight.” That usually does the trick and they are back to being the angels that truly are.

Elf on the Shelf was created by a mother and daughter team from here in the Atlanta area, but this is no longer just a regional tradition. Elves have been sent all around the world and new traditions start each year. Our elf Buddy likes to keep the boys guessing. You never know where he is going to be found each day. He tends to land on the main floor of the house but he is never in the same place twice. This time of year the boys get excited each day to go and find Buddy. Some days he is out in the open while others he likes to make them search. I guess he really enjoys playing hide and seek with them! The boys will talk to Buddy like he is a friend but they always remind him of what is on their wish list. Both boys actually reminded Buddy every single day of a couple of items on their lists just incase he has forgotten to tell Santa. Having Buddy in the house is a lot of fun, the boys love looking for him and talking to him, while Meg and I love the power he has to keep the boys on their best behavior. Buddy usually arrives right around Thanksgiving, but he has been known to make a surprise summer visit if they boys are acting up. I guess he makes these pop in visits just to remind the boys that Santa is always watching!

Again, if you have young kids this is a must have. It is a great tradition to start up and a great behavioral tool! Belive me, it is fun and functional!

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