Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dawgs beat Tech again!

This version of “Good Old Fashion Hate” took place on the hardwoods and not on the field, but the outcome is the same. Dawgs win! This was not a pretty game, but they don’t get extra points for solid, fundamental play. All that matters is the scoreboard after the final buzzer goes off. In this case it was 73-72 with the visiting Dawgs getting the “W”! This is only the second time the visiting team has left with a win in 14 years. That was when the matchup went back to a home and home schedule instead of playing the game at the old Omni (now Philips arena). It was a close game all night and Georgia took the lead with a three pointer by Dustin Ware buried a three to make it 73-70. Tech was able to add a layup, but eventually ran out of time.

Again, this was not a great game by the Dawgs, but a win is a win. They need to work on their free throws and inside defense. They seemed more poised towards the end of the game and I think that is due to experience and coaching. Coach Mark Fox has got things clicking in Athens and there is a chance the Dawgs can make a run at the SEC Championship and get an invitation to the big dance. I guess we just have to wait and see, but for now, I will relish in the win and beating Tech twice in two weeks!

Go Dawgs!

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