Friday, October 1, 2010

2 Day Walk

The weekend is here and Meg is getting ready for her tough yet hopefully fun weekend with her friend Susie and all of the other walkers. She is picking out her best pink shirts, socks, hats and what ever else she can find that is pink. She has her small sling bag packed and is ready to walk. Unlike the 3-day walk where the walkers have to sleep in tents, this walk has all of the walkers staying in a nice hotel, good choice Meg!

The opening ceremonies start at 7am on Saturday and she is to meet up with her team before that. The course opens up for the walkers at 7:30 and there are several cheering stations along the route for you to go out and support the walkers. You can see all of the cheering stations here. If you have time or out and about on Saturday, please stop in and support all of the walkers. I plan on being at cheer station #4 with the boys so they can cheer on their Mom. Once the Saturday walk is over they go back to the hotel for some rest and then a celebration diner. Then they are back on the course early on Sunday morning. The closing ceremonies will be held at Centennial Park/World of Coke at 1pm. So again if you can make it down to support and celebrate with Meg and all of the walkers, it should be a good time.

Even though she has reached her fund raising goal, they are still accepting donations. If you would like to donate, please follow this link:

Hope to see you at one of the cheering stations or at the closing ceremonies!

Good luck Meg, Susie and all of the other walkers!

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kelly said...

Way to go Meg!!