Friday, September 3, 2010

Kick off is here!

What a great time of the year! The temperatures are getting a little cooler, the kids are back in school, the finial month of regular season baseball underway, the Premier league is in season in England, the PGA playoffs are in full swing, the pro football season is just around the corner but the best thing of all is the college football season kicks off this weekend! Actually there were several games last night and I am pumped about it! UGA plays Louisiana Layette on Saturday up in Athens and I anticipate a pretty easy game for the Dawgs. This is a good warm up to the first SEC match up with South Carolina next week. Which by the way, the Gamecocks easily dismissed Southern Miss on Thursday night. So, I hope the Dawgs get some kinks worked out on Saturday and Aaron Murray gains some good experience so they are well prepared to play in Columbia next week.

So all of you college football freaks, our time of the year is here! Enjoy!

Go Dawgs!

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