Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA Advances!

Well, it was close and I think my heart has finally gotten back to its normal rhythm. I really think I had a few minor heart attacks while watching the second half! They US Men’s National team out played the guys from Algeria in the finial game of group play, but they were still tied 0-0 after the 90th minute. It wasn’t as though the US didn’t have it chances to score and take the lead, they had plenty of shots on goal that were either just off the mark or were saved by the Algerian goalkeeper. They even had another disallowed goal in the first have. (What is up with FIFA not wanting the US to win a game?) I knew if they just kept pushing it up and getting some chances they would eventually get one in the back of the net, but time was running out!

The England/Slovenia game had just ended and both of those teams thought they were going to advance to the next round. But the persistence of they US team crushed the dreams of the Slovenian players and forced the Brits to take second in the group. I love it!

The winning goal was scored by Landon Donovan just over a minute into injury time. The play was set up by a nice save by Tim Howard who immediately pushed the ball up the field to Donovan. He then passed it down the side to Altidore who centered it to Dempsey who put the ball on goal. The initial shot was blocked by the Algerian keeper but he wasn’t able to hold on to the ball and it rolled right to Donovan’s feet who slammed it home from about 8 yards to win the game! It was a very exciting finish and it puts the US atop of Group C. Even though we have the same record as England, we scored more goals and therefore we win the group. Now we play the runner up in Group D which is Ghana. That game will be held on Saturday at 2pm! I can’t wait! I just hope they don’t disallow another goal and we can keep the momentum!

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