Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colossal Collapse!

The Atlanta Hawks went up to a 2-0 lead in the playoff series against the depleted Milwaukee Bucks. Things were looking good for the home team. All they had to do is win one game on the road and then come back home to wrap up the series and get ready for round two. Seems simple enough, especially since on paper the Hawks are a far superior team then the Bucks, well things haven’t worked out that way. They lost both games in Milwaukee and needed to win game 5 back in Atlanta to take control of the series again. Things were looking good for the high flying Hawks since they were leading by 9 points with about 3:40 left in the game.
Then something happened, the Hawks forgot how to score. There were missed dunks, missed layups, stupid fouls and horrible attempts from the field. I couldn’t believe what I was watching! It was embarrassing! Even though I was not on the court, I wanted to go and hide after that display. These guys get paid millions to play a game and in a blink of an eye, they totally forgot how to play that game. They ended up losing the game 91-87. Now they trail in the series 3-2 and have to win the next two games to advance to round 2. After what I have seen in the last 3 games, I don’t think the Hawks have a chance to advance. Looks like they have already given up!

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