Friday, March 5, 2010

Wine Review – Adler Fels 2005 Pinot Noir

Located in the Sonoma Valley high in the Mayacamas Mountains, Adler Fels Winery has been producing award winning wines since 1979. The winery focuses on winemaking and leaves the growing and farming of the grapes to suppliers. They have been buying their grapes from the same growers since they opened. These negociants have a reputation of making fine wines with charming character and flavor. The 2005 pinot is a solid effort but it was lacking in strong flavors. It had a very nice ruby color and aromas of cherry with a hint of smokiness and earth. On the palate you get slight flavors of ripe strawberries and flowers, but these flavors seem a little flat. It is a good wine, but for the price point ($19.99) I would expect more. As it opened up it the flavors were more distinct, but still a little flat. Of course I would not pour it out, but for the price there are better pinots out there.


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Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the Adler Fels 2005 Pinot Noir review. will put this bottle to test tonight and see if it taste well.