Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?

Mardi Gras has started early! Also, hell must be frozen over and I think I saw some pigs fly by earlier today! All of this is because the New Orleans Saints have won the Super Bowl! After 43 years of playing professional football in the city of New Orleans, they finally made it to a Super Bowl and they pulled the upset and beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. This was the most watched event in television history surpassing the finial episode of M-A-S-H with 106 million viewers. It was a good game but I will tell you after the first quarter where the Colts pretty much dominated the game, I thought it was going to be a blow out. But the Saints were able to make some adjustments and got back into the game and eventually pull out the win.

All the talk going into the game was about Peyton Manning and how he controls the games and doesn’t make mistakes. But it was Drew Brees and his mistake free control of the game that made the difference. Brees was named the games MVP and of course got to go to Disney World today! Being a Falcons fan, I have mixed emotions about the Saints victory. I hate to think about them getting a Super Bowl title before the Falcons, but they have such a good story that it is hard not to be happy for them and the entire city. Even thought the Falcons didn’t get a title before the Saints, at least they got to the big game first. So, that is something for Falcons fans to hang their hat on! I guess we should be happy to see a team from our division win, but not really!

Anyway, good job Saints, it was a well-played game. I foresee this Mardi Gras as being the biggest and craziest ever!

Let the good times roll!

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