Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Curling Rocks!

I know not everyone is not an Olympic junkie like me. But right now, I am just loving all things Olympic. Maybe it is because I have had the privilege to work a couple of jobs dealing with different aspects of the Olympics. I worked here in Atlanta for and outfitting company in 1996 and in 2002, I worked a temporary job in Salt Lake City for a division of GM handling the courtesy cars for the athletes. I loved being in the Olympic city and feeling the electricity in the air while the games were going on. It is something about everyone coming together in a city to cheer on your country and have a big party. I think that is why I am now such an Olympic junkie now.

During the Torino games four years ago, I stumbled upon a sport that I had never really seen and knew very, very little about, curling. I thought it was odd to see people sliding on the ice throwing these big stones with handles down towards a target. Throw in the odd things they yell and two people sweeping in front of the rocks and it becomes pretty bizarre. But as the coverage of those games went on, I found my self getting hooked on this game that is more for the thinker then for the athlete. I was fascinated by the strategies and the way the game played out. I also loved the terminology the announcers were using. Once the 2010 Olympics started up, I was excited not just for the big time sports, but for the fact that I would again get my curling fix. My good friend, Jim, has also caught the fever and now we are constantly calling or texting each other about the matches that are being televised.

Apparently we are not the only ones who have caught curling fever. I found this article in the LA Times that exposes the fever that is sweeping thorough the States. Most of the curling matches have been televised on CNBC, MSNBC or USA, all of which are getting record numbers for viewers in those time slots. CNBC is getting the best early-evening numbers that they have gotten in over 8 years. Also the other day, one of the top five searches on Google was “Curling rules”. The phenomenon is sweeping the nation! (Pun intended!)

Some of the North American curlers now have a sex symbol status and are popping up entertainment sites for being hotties or studs! Unfortunately both the USA men's and women's teams have been eliminated from the tournament so there is no chance to win a medal. But that won’t keep me from watching. I have not adopted the Canadian women for my favorite women’s team and on the men’s side; I will have to go with Norway. You got to love those pants they are rocking!
If anyone knows of a local curling club in the Atlanta area, please let me know. I am dying to give it a try. Also, it seems most of those clubs are social and you actually play the game while having a couple of drinks. That makes it even more of a sport for me!

Curling Rocks!


Brad Hackett said...

I am a big fan of the nordic combined

Jeff said...

We're looking for Atlantans that want to found a curling club... we're gathering at Facebook "Atlanta's First Curling Club". #atlcurling

Alan said...

See you there Jeff!

Curling rocks!