Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Recruiting class

Well, it depends on which source you look to for your college football news, each has a different ranking for the Dawgs recruiting class. ESPN has them ranked 9th, has them ranked 16th and has them ranked 21st. The rankings don’t really concern me since having a better ranking recruiting class doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have a good year on the field. Even though there are some guys who signed yesterday that will make an immediate impact on their team, most will take a year or two to develop. All I am concerned about is did we get solid players who are willing to come in and work hard to learn the system and have potential to be good/great college players. We needed to fill some holes that we currently have or will have in a year or two on the defensive side of the ball. That was defiantly accomplished yesterday! Coach Richt and the new DC, Coach Grantham did a great job at getting some stud defensive ends and linemen. Sure I would have loved to sign Da’Rick Rogers and Nickell Robey, but I feel like we got a great group of receivers and defensive backs in Athens right now. Even thought we didn’t sign a ton of guys (only 19) we signed talented and quality guys. Overall I give the 2010 recruiting class a B+. I applaud the depleted coaching staff for keeping this class together in times of duress!

I can’t wait until September 4th when toe meets leather once again!

Go Dawgs!

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kristi said...

thanks for posting, i have been confused listening to am radio these last two days............hope fall treats us well !! go dawgs