Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sesame Street turns 40!

Sesame Street has been a constant during my lifetime. The educational kids show turned 40 this week and is showing no signs of slowing down. When I was young I loved the show and both of my sons have also grown up watching all of the old characters and the newer ones teach them things while not even knowing it!

Over the last 60 days, there was a poll run on Yahoo to select your favorite character and here are the results:
1. "Elmo"
2. "Cookie Monster"
3. "Big Bird"
4. "Bert and Ernie"
5. "Count Von Count"
6. "Oscar the Grouch"
7. "Snuffleupagus"
8. "Abby Cadabby"
9. "Zoe"
10. "Grover"

Elmo wasn’t around when I was watching the show, so my favorites growing up were Big Bird, Grover and of course, Oscar the Grouch. Now it is sort of weird to see some of the celebrities and bands make appearances on the show, but it is also a cool thing. Most of the celebrities and bands always say one of the coolest things they have done is appear on Sesame Street. Think about it, wouldn’t you like to go and visit the most famous street in the world?

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

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