Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Canadian!

I will be going Canadian, well at least for one night! One of the biggest bands from Canada will be in town tonight, no not Rush or Celine Dion, but The Tragically Hip. They are playing tonight at The Variety Playhouse. Those who have been following this blog know that I was able to make a quick trip up to Buffalo in the summer to see the Hip play at the front leg of this tour. It was a great night right on the Niagara River and this was the first time I have seen them play two sets including a few songs acoustically. I expect to see a similar show tonight but not the exact show. They have really done a good job of mixing up their set lists on this tour and I expect to see some differences from the show I saw and the last few they have done on the tour.

If you are looking for a good, solid rock band to see tonight, come on down to see The Hip. You won’t be disappointed. I equate them to the Canadian version of REM, solid rock music, great lyrics, charismatic front man and rabid fan base. They are multiple Juno Award winners (those are the Canadian Grammys). They play huge stadiums and arenas up north, but play the smaller venues in much of the lower 48. That is a good thing for the fans in the south! Come on out and be Canadian for a night!

Here is a clip of one of their most popular songs, 100th Meridian. Notice the size of the crowd! It will be a small fraction of that at the Variety Playhouse tonight!

Rock and Roll!

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