Friday, October 30, 2009

Georgia wines make wine lists for up and coming restaurants

Persimmon Creek located in Clayton Georgia has made the wine list at two up and coming restaurants in New York and Chicago. Persimmon Creek’s Cabernet Franc made the wine list at “The Apiary” in New York City. Esquire Magazine selected this restaurant as one of the “Top New Restaurants to Watch”. While in Chicago, the Persimmon Creek Icewine will be featured at a new restaurant owned by Food Network stars Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, also known as the “Hearty Boys”. The restaurant is named “Hearty”.

This just further proves my point that there as some good, quality wines coming out of North Georgia. Having had both of these Persimmon Creek wines, I see why they were selected. I just can’t figure out why the Seyval Blanc didn’t make either list? But don’t worry; their Seyval Blanc is on other prestigious wine lists throughout the country.

Nice job Sonny and Mary Ann!


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Mary Ann Hardman said...

Thank you, Alan! We are working hard in the vineyard, on the farm to make Georgia proud! We appreciate your kind words! Mary Ann