Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Biggest Band in the World!

Myself and 70,000 other people were in the Ga. Dome last night to see the biggest band in the world perform. U2 took the enormous stage last night and put on an amazing performance. The size of the stage alone was something to see! From where we were sitting, the sound was not up to the level that I would expect for the size of the production. But that could be because they were playing in the Dome and sound just bounces all around that place. In talking to some other friends that were also there, they didn’t have any problems with the sound and they thought it sounded great. I think it comes down to where your seats are located in relation to the stage and the numerous speakers. Our seats were 13 rows off the floor on The Edge side of the stage and there were easily 50 speakers pointed in our direction. Don’t get me wrong, the wall of sound was pretty darn cool, but I wish I could have heard more distinction in the music instead of the wave of sound that just covers you. That aside, the performance was incredible! The foursome from Ireland knows how to put on a show and they know how to work the crowd into a frenzy.

They guys played 22 songs with a good mix of their recent stuff and their old classics. Even with the size of the stage and the crowd, there were times when it seemed intimate. Especially when Bono and The Edge played a couple of tunes acoustically. Of course there were some political messages delivered throughout the show, but that is something I have come to expect from Bono and the boys. The messages were pretty quick and to the point. There were no mentions of the US president except for the fact that President Obama’s sister was in the house. The messages were about Aids, Africa, Iran, and the imprisoned Burmese leader. Again, those types of messages should be expected since Bono and the entire bands involvement in causes all over the world.Overall it was an incredible experience and an amazing show, I feel lucky to have been there to see it all go down. I hate the way I was allowed to go though! My good friends Spencer and Kelly were suppose to go, but their little girl was sick and Kelly decided not to go to the show. So a special thanks goes out to Spencer and Kelly for allowing me to go in Kelly’s place.

Rock and Roll!

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