Monday, September 14, 2009

Foot fault turns into threats!

There have been some great tennis matches this year at the US Open. Everyone in the Atlanta area was pulling for Melanie Oudin and she had a great run. But I think the biggest story of the US Open has to be Serena Williams blow up the other night. I didn’t see the entire match, but apparently she was having a rough night and not playing her best. She was close to losing the match to Kim Clijsters and then was called for a foot fault on a second serve which made Clijsters one point away from winning the match. This is a serious call at a serious time of the match. Serena had already received a warning earlier in the match for breaking a racket so once the tirade started, there was no doubt she would be penalized a point. So once that was made official, the match was over. That is not a good way to end a match and I don’t think either player was happy the way it ended. But no one was more scared than the line judge! I haven’t an Asian woman as scared as that since the Godzilla movies! Come to think of it, Serena might be scarier than Godzilla and she had a racket in her hand.

Watch the clip and just listen to what Serena is saying! She has every reason to be frightened. There is no place in sports for behavior like that! By the way, Kim Clijsters went on to win the Women's Title.

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