Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 year old throws back souvenir!

A life long Phillies fan finally catches a foul ball while at the game with his family. Like any good dad, after some celebrating with some fans around him, he handed the ball to his 3-year-old daughter. She immediately turns and throws the ball back over the edge of the seats towards the field. I guess she thought it was a home run ball at Wrigley Field? The dad was shocked and surprised but all he could do is hug his young daughter; she was only doing what she thought she was supposed to do. After all it sounds like she and her dad play catch on a regular basis. When I first loaded this post, the video was included but since then MLB has pulled all of the links to the video. I don't understand why they have done this. This is great publicity for MLB and since the NFL and college football has started, MLB needs all of the publicity they can get. The clips aren't about the game, they are about the fans and two fans in particular. It is a feel good story that would only help their image. Oh well, they have blown it! At least in my mind. But I was able to find a picture of the dad and his daughter throwing the ball back.

Now both the dad and the little girl are semi-celebrities. They have been on all of the local channels as well as many of the national shows like the “Today” show and MSNBC. Also, they have scored some pretty good swag from this incident. The entire family has gotten personalized Philly jerseys, game balls, one of which was autographed, and of course their 15 minutes of fame. Not bad for a family night out at the ballpark!

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