Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stasburg is a National!

The #1 overall draftpick in the MLB draft has finially signed with the team that drafted him. Stephen Strasburg signed a record-breaking contract with the Washington Nationals right before the signing deadline on Monday, actually it was two minutes before the deadline! Talk about cutting it close. Strasburg’s (who’s 21), contract is worth $15.1 million over four years and he has not thrown a single pitch in the majors. There are currently only 5 major league pitchers making more than the rookie and they are proven pitchers with several years experience and the records to warrant contracts like they have. Too bad Strasburg won't be able to help the Nationals this year, they have the worst record in baseball right now!There needs to be a complete reworking of rookie salaries in all of the pro sports. The NFL is just as bad as MLB when it comes to giving the early draft picks huge contracts. Most getting paid extremely more based on potential than the proven vetran gets paid on past performance. That is just not right! The NBA has implemented a rookie cap, which limits the amount of the first contracts that the rookies can sign. Don’t get me wrong, they are still getting paid, but they don’t have the opportunity to get paid more than the proven stars of the league. But I don’t blame the players I blame the owners. They need to band together and make a stand on these outrageous contracts. It is really getting out of control!

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