Thursday, August 27, 2009

PGA Playoffs!

Today kicks off the first round of the FedEx Cup playoffs on the PGA tour. The top 124 players from the regular season of the PGA tour are playing this week at the Barclay’s Tournament. This year, the Barclays is being played at Liberty National just across the river from New York City. This course is the true depiction of beauty and the beast! Some of the views from the course are breathtaking while the holes on the course can really inflict some punishment on the golfers.Here is a view of the 2nd hole at Liberty National Golf Club, what a great view of Lady Liberty and Manhattan.

There is a lot more at stake than just a paycheck for these guys from now on. Each week the field will be whittled down smaller and smaller until the final tournament at East Lake Country Club in Atlanta where only the top 30 players will compete. This week starts with 124 players but only the top 100 move on to play next week. I personally like this system. In the past, after the last major (the PGA Championship) was done, there was really nothing left for the fans to look forward to. Most of the top players would basically be done for the year besides playing a random tournament here or there. Now there is a reason for them to play and compete for the top honor in golf, the FedEx Cup, which is basically the player of the year on the PGA tour. That is an honor that all of those guys want to have on their resumes! Not to mention the huge payday for the winner of the Cup, the total purse is a ridiculous 10 million for the winner! Therefore the PGA season is not only longer, but also more competitive and that makes it all more exciting up to the last tournament of the season.

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