Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Mac!

I can’t believe that my oldest son is 5 years old today! It seems just like yesterday that we loving refered to him as HD (Herschel Dooley) while he was still in his mommy’s tummy and couldn’t wait for him to arrive. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, Meg called me from the office on the afternoon of the 23rd saying she thought she was having contractions but they were so far apart not to rush home from work. Well of course I didn’t stick around much longer and met her at her parents house since that was where we were living while our house was getting built. Once we arrived at the hospital, we were checked into the birthing room and waited. And we waited and waited and waited. In trying to move things along, they had Meg rolling over and walking the halls and all of those other tricks that are suppose to help speed things up. Then they realized that the cord was partially wrapped around his neck and decided to go in and get him. So at 5:30am, we were prepped to go into the OR to bring our little guy into the world. He officially arrived 25 minutes later and changed our lives for the better. Now he is doing well in kindergarten and has become a well-rounded young man. Man, time flies!

Here he is just a few days old.

We had his birthday party yesterday and he loved every minute of it! He led his posse around that jumpy place like he was P Diddy! It was really cute. I plan on loading the pictures from the party tonight and hopefully will get some posted tomorrow. I still can’t believe that my first little man is now 5! Wow!

Happy Birthday Mac!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday McGinnis!! We are so proud of you!!
Kim & Jim
(is that the correct spelling??)

Alan said...

You got it right! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I will pass them on for you.