Monday, August 31, 2009

Cost influencing the taste?

Researchers from the Stockholm School of Economics and Harvard University set out to determine whether knowing how much a bottle of wine cost would affect what people thought of the taste.

They found that disclosing the expensive price of a wine before people tasted it produced considerably higher ratings, although only from women. “I was surprised. The men didn’t seem to be affected by the price. It might be the way men relate to wine. But the women reacted very strongly to a high price,” said Johan Almenberg, who with co-researcher Anna Dreber of the Stockholm School of Economics and Harvard, conducted the study among 266 volunteers in Boston.”

Why would this be? Is it possible that women are more impressed by status, which is why they seem to be more interested in designers? Maybe, Maybe not. Interesting nonetheless.
In my opinion, price can definitely influence people, not just women. How can it not influence people? Your expectations a going to be higher the higher the price tag. When I serve a lower price wine, I usually don't let the taster know the price until they have given their opinion. And it is not always the most expensive wine that ends up tasting the best. As long as you keep an open mind, you can find some great value wines!

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