Tuesday, June 2, 2009

600 ft Jellyfish spoted in Britain, .....wait, what?

I found this article in the British newspaper, the Telegraph and had to share it!

A 600ft jellyfish pattern has appeared in a barley field in Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire, in what is one of the most intriguing crop circles ever seen in Britain. The vast pattern appeared in the field last week and experts are claiming it to be the first of its kind in the world.
Karen Alexander, a crop circle expert, said: "We have seen butterfly and bird patterns in the past, but this is the first jellyfish crop circle in the world. (I didn’t realize there was a crop circle world!) "It is absolutely huge - roughly three times the size of most crop patterns and extremely interesting. People have been aghast at the size of it. It is a complete monster. "We are looking into the meaning of it, but at present it just seems to have appeared out of nowhere." Crop circle theorists known as 'croppies' - believe the patterns are created by UFOs during nocturnal visits, or caused by natural phenomena such as unusual forms of lightning striking the earth. But it has been proven the patterns can be easily created artists. (Call me crazy, but I am willing to bet this is a good example of one created by said artists!)

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