Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canadian’s love their ketchup

What is up with Canadian’s and ketchup, first they have Lays Ketchup chips and now they have a Heinz Ketchup cake? I found this article by Ted Whipp from the Windsor Star and I actually threw up in my mouth a little!

Here is a bag of Ketchup chips

To commemorate its Canadian centennial and thank Canadians for 100 years of support, Heinz has created The Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake -- an ideal dessert for any celebration. It's red, perfectly spiced and delicious. Think carrot cake without all the work.

"We all think of ketchup as the perfect complement to hotdogs, hamburgers and fries, but its unique taste makes ketchup an ideal flavour enhancer for many recipes, including desserts," explains Amy Snider. The professional home economist and culinary nutritionist works with Heinz. "Heinz Ketchup not only adds great flavour to the cake, but it also creates a wonderfully moist texture."

The picture of the cake looks good, like red velvet cake. But the thought of what is in it is nasty! Let me know if you want the recipe, I can provide it for you!

Crazy Canadians!


Kristie said...

I've loved the ketchup potato chips for over 20 years! My uncle lived in Canada, so when he visited, he would bring us bags of them. They weren't Lay's, however. So where can you get these? I'm not even going to consider the ketchup cake, though. Alan, you're always bringing fun stuff to the table!! Yummy, too!

Natalie said...

Would you mind sending me the recipe for the ketchup cake!? I want to make it and give it to my ex-best friend! LOL ok I just want it for myself!

Anonymous said...

That's disgusting! What kind of IDIOT would create that?

Anonymous said...

Hey would you mind sending me the recipe for the ketchup cake for a prank?
Thanks! :)