Thursday, September 18, 2008

08 Ryder Cup is underway!

Today is the start of Ryder Cup play. Now that the fancy dinners and ceremonies are over, it is time for the U.S. to start taking care of business. Today starts out with the foursome matches (alternate shot). The Americans are the underdogs again even though we are playing on home soil and we have more than a couple rookies on the team this year. At the USA pep rally last night in downtown Louisville, Capitan Paul Azinger said, “It’s OK to cheer when the European players miss a putt!” The team wants to try and create loud and raucous crowds throughout the weekend just like the crowds were two years ago in Ireland. The biggest problem with that statement is that lately the European players haven’t missed many putts! I have complete faith in the U.S. team, but with the format that Azinger has picked, we have to play well on Friday or the Europeans could have a big lead going into the weekend matches. It is going to be fun to watch and I am sure the crowds in Louisville will be loud but will be louder once the Kentucky bourbon starts flowing!

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