Friday, August 29, 2008

College Football is back!

Last night was the official start of the college football season and I (along with most red blooded Americans) couldn’t be happier! There were several games played last night and most of the other schools will play their opening games this weekend. The number 1 ranked Georgia Bulldogs open their quest for a National Championship tomorrow in Athens against Georgia Southern. Georgia should take care of business and beat the Eagles but it could be a tighter game than most would think. Georgia Southern is a powerhouse in their conference and goes to the playoffs almost every year. Also, they run an offense that we don’t see a lot in the SEC, so our defense needs to be on their game to keep the Eagles out of the end zone. It is going to be another beautiful day in Athens and I am really looking forward to seeing UGA VII as he will be introduced before the game in the “passing of the bone” ceremony. I am sure he is going to be a lot like his dad (big and enthusiastic) and he could be the first true freshman mascot to lead a team to a title! Man, I hope that happens!

But guys, the day has come, football is back!

Go Dawgs!

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