Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bigfoot in North Georgia!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that two men have DNA and photo evidence of a actual Bigfoot. Here is the article that the AJC ran today on

The search for Bigfoot, the maybe-mythical half-man/half-gorilla beast also known as Sasquatch, may have ended in Georgia.

According to a press release issued by “Searching For Bigfoot,” a California-based web site, two men have not only found the corpse of a 7-foot, 500 pound man-monkey, but they’ve also found a tribe of his brethren living at an undisclosed location in the North Georgia mountains. The men are to appear at a press conference in California with “DNA evidence and photo evidence” this Friday.

According to the press release, one of the discoverers is Matthew Whitton, a police officer on administrative leave for being wounded in the line of duty. The AJC recently reported a police officer with the same name was shot during the robbery of a Krystal restaurant, but we’ve been unable to contact Whitton to see if they are one and the same.

Curiously, Whitton, along with fellow big-game hunter Rick Dyer, a former correctional officer, are co-owners of and Bigfoot Global LLC., a company that offers Bigfoot expeditions. The men are working with allegedly famous Bigfoot hunter, Tom Biscardi, and Biscardi’s Searching for Bigfoot, Inc., to present and conduct the scientific study of the evidence and information on this body, according to the press release. Here’s the Bigfoot website

I will be looking forward to the press conference on Friday. If this is true, that would be incredible! If it is true, maybe Coach Richt can sign on of the tribe to play left tackle for the Dawgs in place of the injured Trinton Sturdivant.

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Alan said...

Well what do you, it was all a hoax! Who would have guessed? Now those guys are facing multiple lawsuits and possible fraud charges. Real smooth guys!